Learning & Development

Helping all associates achieve their potential.

Sounds like SpartanNash.

In each business area at SpartanNash, associates are encouraged to own their development plan and grow and achieve their career potential. Most of our current management advanced to their respective positions from within the company. In fact in 2017, 74 percent of our open management positions were offered to current associates. We provide:

SpartanNash formal learning programs
SpartanNash in-store retail training
SpartanNash classroom training and development programs

Formal learning programs

We have formal programs in place to help with onboarding and training new hires. After onboarding, opportunities are available for on-the-job training and online learning, including courses, facilitated workshops and industry materials.

Programs for specific career areas

SpartanNash offers leadership programs unique to each environment. A few examples include:

  • The Inspirational Leader - All business segments
  • Supply Chain University - Supply Chain
  • Achieving Your Potential - Corporate

Development programs for strategic positions

  • Person in Charge (PIC) program in Retail
  • Assistant Store Director development program
  • Category Manager development program
  • Manager-in-Training program in Supply Chain
  • Meat Cutter Apprentice program
  • Emerging Leaders program (cross-functional between Retail and Merchandising)